Thumbnail Damage From Double Overhand Hook Grip Deadlifts?

March 17, 2012 — 6 Comments

So I've been using the double overhand hook grip for deadlifts for a few weeks now. Mixed grip deadlifts feels weird and hurts my shoulders and wrist, so I only pull with a double overhand hook grip.

The grip itself is fantastic and secure, and the limiting factors that I've experienced so far are my pain tolerance, and a paranoia of ripping off my thumbnails.

My pain tolerance grows higher every time I deadlift, and I don't worry too much about tearing my thumbnails off during the lift.

The tips of my thumbs are callused now, and skin tends to peel off every few days.

But I am starting to see a series of diagonal lines on my thumbnails, as shown below:

Thumbnail Damage Hook Grip Deadlifts

I've seen pictures of people cracking their thumbnail because of the hook grip, but I haven't seen this before.

It also feels a little tender underneath my thumbnail. I can really feel it when I'm playing video games, especially when using the left and right analogue sticks on the control pad.

Cause for concern? Nah. At least not yet.

John Phung

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