ExpatShield + Adblock Plus = Ad Free Live Streams of the London 2012 Summer Olympics on BBC

August 5, 2012 — Leave a comment

Well, it looks like Tunlr has disabled access to the BBC live streams of the London 2012 Olympics because they "they attracted too much traffic".

All streams now say "this content is not available in your area".

So how do you watch the 2012 Summer Olympics online...preferably ad free? And without signing up for a VPN that charges you monthly??

Well, we know NBC is out of the question, but by using Adblock Plus to block banner ads and ExpatShield to get a UK IP address, you can watch the BBC live streams of the 2012 Olympics ad free.

Watch Olympics

Note: This only works on Windows XP/Vista/7

Step 1:

In Firefox or Chrome, download and install the addon "Adblock Plus" from here:


This will block any ads in your browser.

Step 2:

Download and install "ExpatShield" from here:


Expat Shield will give you a UK IP address, and allow you to watch all the videos on BBC.

Normally with ExpatShield, it displays a banner ad on the top of your browser window.

With Adblock Plus, this banner is removed.

Step 3:

Once you're connected through ExpatShield, go to:


...and enjoy the rest of the Summer Olympics!

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