Cooking Tip: Put The Slow Cooker In The Garage

October 31, 2012 — Leave a comment

I love using a slow cooker. I can throw in some meat, vegetables and some sort of sauce, and in 7-12 hours have a lot of food that will last for a few days.

But the problem is, during the cooking process, it really makes the entire home smell like delicious food.

This makes me very hungry all day, and if it’s cooking at night, I find myself waking up way too early (and hungry) because of the smell of slow cooked pork and vegetables.

The solution: Put the slow cooker in the garage.

Doing this will minimize any delicious aromas from stinking up your home, and making you salivate and feel like eating all day (or night).

Slow Cooker In The Garage

Crock Pot In The Garage

Next time I’m going to open the garage door a little, because now my garage smells like pork, onions and Sempio Kalbi sauce.

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