Finally! Some Posters For My Home Gym

December 8, 2012 — 3 Comments

Finally got a couple of posters for my home gym. No more bare walls!


Some people have suggested that I get posters of girls in bikini. But nah, there's no value in that.

I was thinking of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu or Bruce Lee posters. I even thought about picking up some mirrors for my home gym, either some used sliding closet door mirrors or huge gym mirrors that sometimes show up on Kijiji.

But I finally decided on these:


If I’m going to have a poster hang on my wall in my home gym and look at it all the time, I might as well learn something. I figure if I see these diagrams all the time, it’ll be a lot easier remembering the muscles, bones and ligaments.

The Muscular System Poster


The muscular system giant chart measures 42” wide x 62” high…which is almost as tall as I am!

It’s pretty durable, and I can write on the surface with a dry erase pen if I wanted to.

There’s 3 holes at the top of the posters to make it easy to hang. I only used the center hole to hang on a nail, and used a pair of neodymium magnets to hold the poster onto the studs in the wall.

The Skeletal System Poster

I also got a Skeletal System 3D chart from the Dollar Store for $1.50, which is similar to the one listed here.


It measures 16.5” wide x 22.5” high, which is a lot smaller than the muscular system chart. Maybe I’ll upgrade to this giant skeletal system chart in the future.

The lettering is in rainbow color for some reason, and there’s a blue cloud border, but for $1.50 (so cheap!) it really doesn’t matter.


Now, I can lift and learn at the same time.

I’ve already learned something from these anatomy posters. Did you know that the “deltoid ligament” is in the ankle? I would have thought it would be located somewhere near the deltoid muscles (AKA shoulder muscles)!

My other wall is still bare, so I might get:

  1. Strength Training Anatomy Poster Series by Frederic Delavier
  2. MobilityWOD posters from Rogue Fitness
  3. Or maybe a Dim Mak chart to learn pressure points…just in case I need to perform the death touch in order to defend myself.

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