Rogue R4 or AmStaff TR023 Power Rack for my Garage Home Gym?

October 11, 2011 — 4 Comments

So I just purchased a home with an attached garage, and I'm going to turn it into a home gym! I haven't moved in yet, but I've been spending a lot of time planning out the garage gym. One thing I need to consider is what is best power rack for my needs.

After a lot of thinking, I've narrowed it down to the Rogue R4 or the AmStaff TR023 power rack (which is nearly identical to the Force USA PR rack) for my garage home gym.

I have considered the Rogue R3 Westside power rack, but I do not want to bolt the cage into the ground. Also, the depth of the R3 is only 30", and I'd like some wiggle room while doing my lifts. I also plan on doing power cleans inside the rack, and would like more space than 30".

I've also considered the Powertec WB-PR11 rack, but the hole spacing for the safety pins and J-hooks are too far apart (2.5" apart), which will make it a pain in the ass to get the safety bars in right position while doing bench press. It would probably end up being too high or too low for me.

Rogue R4 vs. AMStaff TR023 Power Rack

They both have some similar features, like band hole pins, enough depth to do power cleans inside the rack, and they both do not need to be bolted into the ground.

Here's a comparison table of the differences between the Rogue R4 & AMStaff rack:

Rogue R4AMStaff TR023
ImageRogue R4 Power RackAmStaff TR023 Power Rack
Dimensions90"H x 43"W x 48"D84"H x 51"W x 57"D
Dip bar included?No - Extra $99.43 + $28.24 shippingYes
Chin up barSingle Pullup Bar on Front & Fat/Skinny Pullup bar on the backMonkey (multi-grip)
Barbell hooks24
Band pegs48 (according to the picture)
Total Price$1,292.80 or $1420.47 with dip bar$593.71
Pro's-Discounted B&R bar & Bench if order Rogue R4 rack
-It's Rogue! Reputable brand
-Accepts Paypal
-Doesn't require much assembly (I think)

-Less than half the price of the R4 ($699.09 less)
-Includes dip bars
Con's-Dip bar has additional shipping costs
-May need to get additional stabilizer
-More assembly required (I think)
-Takes up more floor space
Notes-More people use Rogue fitness equipment
-Chain safeties does less damage on the bar
-I could use the $699.09-$800+ for other things, such as:
--horse stall mats for gym flooring
--bumper plates
--weight plate tree

-Can't find many reviews

One thing I noticed about the Rogue R4 rack is that it is very tall at 7'6" (or 90").

I wasn't sure if my garage's ceiling was high enough to accommodate the Rogue rack, that is until I remembered I took a photo of the garage while initially checking out the property.

(NOTE: I haven't actually moved in yet since I recently purchased the property and the closing date isn't until the end of the month)

With some educated assumptions, I've outlined the dimensions of my garage and concluded that YES, the Rogue R4 rack will fit!

Garage Home Gym - Rogue R4 Power Rack

It will be a few weeks until I move in, so I still have time to make a decision.

What it seems to come to down to is whether I want to spend more money to have peace of mind owning a power rack that is known to be a high quality, brand name product (Rogue R4), or save $700 and go with something that is not well known, cheaper, and probably good enough for my needs (AmStaff  TR023).

Decisions decisions...

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