Frustrated with your lack of progress?

Not making any significant strength gains since your novice stages of training despite trying multiple strength training programs?

Confused and secretly jealous of those who can still hit PR's after PR's on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis while you're still using the same weight for the past few months?

You're not alone.

99% of people, just like you, who touch a barbell will never get much stronger than their initial starting point. They'll make some decent gains initially, but eventually they'll find it difficult to keep on adding weight to the bar, even on a weekly basis. Resetting, changing sets and repetition schemes, adding more assistance exercises and jumping from one popular internet lifting program to another in hopes to continue to get stronger will work temporarily. Until they get stuck again, and they're back at square one.

Yet, despite all the information (overload) available on the internet today, they'll be confused as to what to do to continually get stronger, trying out multiple strength training programs with little to show for it.

Combined with the time and energy constraints of everyday life, it seems as though they've reached their limit in the weightroom on their own, being stagnant and only “maintaining” their strength despite their best efforts to break through this ceiling.

Although they may be considered “strong” compared to their friends, family members and the general public who “works out” in a commercial gym, they are nowhere near where they want to be. Always wishing they are strong, but never reaching their genetic potential.

Fortunately, there’s a solution:

Online Coaching

Here's what I have for you: An opportunity to work with me, 1-on-1, on becoming stronger.

What I'm offering is online coaching to a select handful of individuals.

If you want to get bigger and/or stronger, but you're stuck and can't make progress, confused about what to do next, and don't want to keep on wasting your time and energy...then online coaching from me might be for you.

I'll assess your previous and present training, take a look at your form, and figure out a plan towards getting you to your goals.

Now, this isn't for everyone.

If you don't have some experience in the basic barbell lifts such as the squat, bench press, deadlift and overhead press, then this isn't for you. The coaching will be done online, and an in person, hands-on approach is just more effective to coach the basic barbell lifts.

If you don't have regular access to a barbell, plates, squat or power rack, then this isn't for you. I'm only taking on clients who have access to the right tools.

If you're interested, fill out the form below in as much detail as possible. I'll review your answers and contact you to let you if I think we're a good fit and if I could help you out.

(Note: I can't take on everyone, and I'll let you know. Also, it may be a day or two before you get a response from me because it takes time to review and answer everyone's submissions).