Q&A: Combining Smolov Jr For Bench Press & Texas Method

October 17, 2012 — 1 Comment

Here's a question from Ryan from SAPT about combining Smolov Jr for Bench Press and Texas Method:

Hey John,

This is Ryan from SAPT in Virginia.  How has training been going?  Judging from the website you are smashing PR's daily.  I had a question for you.  I saw for a time you were combining the Smolov bench program and the Texas Method.  How did that work for you and how did you go about setting that up?


My Answer:

Hey Ryan,

Thanks! Actually the PR train has come to a grinding halt (been missing a lot of 1RM attempts) so I'm going back and working on 5,3 and 2RM.

Smolov Jr for bench press worked OK for me. It was really grueling, but fun. I got a 10lbs PR @340lbs, which is a bit lower than expected however.

I remember having a constant chest pump, and usually sore chest/shoulders/triceps all the time. The frequency of benching made the movement feel easier.

Basically I combined Smolov Jr for bench and Texas Method like this:

  • Bench Press on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
  • Squat on Monday, Wednesday & Friday

I don't think I did any deadlifting back then because I was recovering from a strained muscle in my lower back.

I started doing some overhead press at first to warm up, but I found that my anterior delts were getting too much stimulation for benching 4x a week that I ended up removing it. I stopped doing OHP for a few weeks, but when I went back to it I didn't lose any strength. I did warm up with face pulls before bench presses though.

Here are my training logs and any posts involving Smolov:


Hope that helps!


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