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Shoulder Pain

Pain in the Ass..err...Shoulder

What started out as a crappy week actually ended up pretty good.

For some reason I was feeling gassed and light headed after 5x5 squats that I ended up skipping out on the overhead press on Sunday (volume day).

On Tuesday (recovery day) I didn't warm up my shoulders properly before power cleans. Ended up with pain shooting from both of my shoulders right down my arms, and I decided it probably wans't a good idea to do bench press that day.

However Thursday (intensity day) was different. For squats, what felt unusually heavy last week felt quite easy this week.

Also for overhead press, I'm inching closer to 3 reps with 205lbs at a bodyweight of around 190lbs. I'm aiming to hit a 225lbs 1RM by the end of the year.

Anyways, a few things I've come across this week that are good to read:

  1. Eric Cassey tells us "The Truth About Shoulder Impingement"
  2. Kelsey@LivetheFitLife explains a few random facts about strength training that people should know
  3. Jason Ferruggia showswhat equipment you need for a new gym (great ideas for a home gym too!)
  4. Rob King reveals that the pre-workout supplement 1.M.R is now banned in Canada (dammit, never got a chance to try it out!)
  5. Steve Reed explains how a towel can help you set new personal records via

Keep lifting, keep progressing & have a great weekend!