Reverse Grip Bench Press Progress, Eating Bigger, Bench Press Experiment, And OHP 2.0

October 21, 2012 — Leave a comment

Some updates:

  • Training has been pretty good this past week. On Monday (volume day) I high bar squatted 410lbs, 10 sets of 3 (video).
  • To deal with the forearm pain I was getting from bench presses, I've decided to try the reverse grip bench press. It takes some getting used to, but I think I'm getting the hang of it! Managed to reverse grip bench press 330lbs (video), but missed at 340lbs (which is my bench press PR). I believe 330lbs is a paused bench press PR however. I usually get forearm pain at heavier loads, but so far, I'm not feeling any pain at all. Let's hope it stays that way.
  • Rearranged my home gym, cleaned up and took some pictures. Pics here.
  • Lastly, after about 6 months of high bar squatting on volume days, I'm finally going to reintroduce the low bar back squat on Monday. Should be fun.

Anyways, check these out:

  1. Eating Bigger On A Budget by Brandon Morrison
    A slow cooker and rice cooker are 2 key tools that got me from 183lbs to 200lbs+.
  2. Successful Bench Press Experiment by Craig Hirota
    This I have to try!
  3. Platform: Learning to Press 2.0 by Mark Rippetoe
    A new way to OHP as explained in Starting Strength 3rd edition. I'll try this on Wednesday.

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