520lbs Hook Grip Deadlift PR, Brutal Squats, Coaching Eye and Ramon Dekkers

November 25, 2012 — Leave a comment

Well I totally missed on the 350lbs reverse grip bench press last Friday due to pain radiating from my shoulders down my arms, but I did manage to get a 520lbs hook grip deadlift PR (video).

Anyways, check these out:

  1. The Chaos And Pain Guide To Brutal Squats by Jamie Lewis
  2. The Coaching Eye by Stef Bradford
  3. Gods of War: Ramon Dekkers by T.P. Grant

John Phung

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Ever since I started taking strength training seriously, I was bitten by the Iron Bug. Then it burrowed under my skin and laid eggs in my heart. Now those eggs are hatching and I... the feeling is indescribable.

Quick Stats
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