250lbs OHP, 350lbs Bench Press, 540lbs Deadlift, Conditioning and Learning To Grind

December 16, 2012 — Leave a comment

3 PRs were broken this past week. Videos below:

  1. 250lbs Overhead Press (+5lbs)
  2. 350lbs Bench Press (+5lbs)
  3. 540lbs Deadlift (+10lbs)

Not bad! But still not world class...

Also, I review quite possibly one of the worst tasting protein powders I've ever ingested:

Anyways, check these out:

  1. Conditioning Is A Sham by Mark Rippetoe
  2. Learn To Grind by Mike Tuchscherer



John Phung

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Ever since I started taking strength training seriously, I was bitten by the Iron Bug. Then it burrowed under my skin and laid eggs in my heart. Now those eggs are hatching and I... the feeling is indescribable.

Quick Stats
Height: 5'4" on non-squat days
Weight: 200 lb 210 lb ~220 lb (FOREVER BULK BRAH)


  • Texas Method: March 4, 2011 - April 28, 2013
  • Smolov Jr for Bench Press: June 4 - 22, 2012
  • Starting Strength: Nov 29, 2010 - March 4, 2011