No More Pain, OHP, 340×3 Bench Press, High(er) Bar Squats And Stuff You Should Read

March 24, 2013 — Leave a comment

A recap of this past week:


No Pain

Pain from my injury sustained earlier this month is pretty much gone. I can low bar and high bar squat 440 lb without feeling any pain. I can now sneeze without feeling pain on my right side as well.

Time to ramp up my squats and deadlifts again!

225 lb Overhead Presses

I did 15 total reps with 225 lb this week, whereas last week I only managed 12. I did miss on the 5th set (the bar was pushed too forward in front of my body), but I managed to get the final 3 reps on the next set.

On Wednesday I'm going to try for 225 lb x 5, something that I've been chasing for a while.

And after that, I'm thinking hit a 3 rep max, then 2 rep max, then go for a 1 rep max of 260 lb.

All in good time.

Reverse Grip Bench Press

340 lb x 3, which is a 3 rep max. Previously I did 2 reps with this.

Next Friday, I'm going to try for a 2 rep max with 350 lb. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if I can get 3 reps with 350 lb.

High(er) Bar Squat

Threw on a pair of Fat Gripz Extreme onto the center of the bar to experiement with on Saturday. Worked up to a single at 440 lb, and then did 410x3 for 2 sets.

It gets a little harder coming out from the bottom position. I'm thinking because the bar is placed higher on the back, the distance between the bar and the hip is higher compard to a high bar squat with a bare bar, so the torque is greater.

It's an interesting variation on the high bar squat that I might do every now and then. I do prefer the feel of a narrow steel Olympic bar digging into my traps than having the load distrubited over a greater surface area with the Fat Gripz.

Stuff You Should Read

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