Weekly Review: Damn Shoulders, Standing Up, Increasing Strength, Deadlifting, Unrack the Bar & Front Squat Tips

August 27, 2011 — Leave a comment
Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain...Again!

So this shoulder pain of mine has affected my bench press. I was able to do 2 reps with 295lbs a couple of weeks ago, but this week I couldn't even get a single rep. Not good.

My solution to deal this this shoulder problem:

  1. Thorough shoulder warm up before training
  2. Ibuprofen before training
  3. Face pulls twice a week for my rotator cuff
  4. I'm also tinkering with the idea of substituting dips and/or incline dumbbell bench press instead of barbell bench press during recovery days.

We'll see how it goes...

Anyways, check this out:

  1. Rob King and I agree on this: Stand up when you exercise!
  2. John Alvino shares a simple trick to increase your strength in a few short weeks
  3. Diesel Strength shows you how to deadlift
  4. Dave Kirschen from Elite FTS explains how to unrack for a huge squat
  5. Charles Poliquin updates his tips on increasing your front squat poundage

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