6 PRs This Week, Including A 570 lb Deadlift! Training Updates and Stuff You Should Read

June 30, 2013 — Leave a comment

I think this is a PR for the most PRs set in a week!

6 PRs:

Front Squat: 350 lb x 3 (3RM)

I tried this last week, but only got 2 reps before missing on the third. Got all 3 reps this week.

Low Bar Squat: 490 lb x 2 (2RM)

I've been trying to squat 500 lb x 2 for a while, but have always missed on the 2nd rep (I did get it wearing knee wraps however). My 3RM is 480 lb, so I figure 490 lb for a double should be doable.

Instead of trying to tackle 500 lb x 2 over and over again and risk missing a rep, I'm going to go conservative at 490 lb x 2 and work my way up.

Reverse Grip Bench Press: 330 lb x 5 (5RM)

Pretty happy that I got this, since I missed on the 5th rep on previous occasions.

I noticed that when I start to fatigue during the reverse grip bench press, my elbows start to flare out slighting making my palms rotate to a more neutral position.

Deadlift: 570 lb (1RM)

Done with a hook grip.

This is a +7.8 lb PR up from what I deadlifted at the powerlifting meet earlier this month, and using a relatively stiffer and thicker B&R bar!

Deadlift: 500 lb x 3 (3RM) - Straps

Deadlift: 460 lb x 5 (5RM) - Straps

Training Updates

I'm going to start adding a back off set after the end of my last set on my main lifts. They're going to be in the 8-10 rep range (maybe more).

The purpose is to build up some stamina, and get more jacked.

I usually rarely do more than 5 reps, and anything over gets me exhausted, especially in the squat.

For a typical Monday workout, I'm going to do a high bar squat with 300 something as a back off set.

For the bench press, I'm thinking of adding a light set of regular grip bench press after my sets of reverse grip. Hopefully this will hypertrophize my chest and get them closer to Bolo Yeung level pecs:

Bolo Yeung

Bolo Yeung's magnificent pecs.

For my front squat, I'm going to add a set of high bar squats immediately after my last set and rep it out.

We'll see how this works out.

I'm also going to start doing dragon flags and incorporating breathing paused squats. Chatted with Greg Nuckols the other day (who, by the way, squats 700+, benches 400+ and deadlifts 700+ @242 lb at an age much younger than me and looking much older than I do) and he told me this is what helped him get a massive deadlift . I'd like to reach those numbers one day (at 200 lb however). If it works for him, it should work for me (more or less).

Stuff You Should Read

  1. Deadlift Tips and Tricks by members of Team Juggernaut
  2. How I Built My Best Deadlift Ever by Eric Lilliebridge
  3. Max-out, Back-off: A Simple Protocol for Size and Strength by Andrew McGunagle

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