Dragon Flags x 10, 420 lb Front Squat 1RM, 460 lb High Bar Squat 5RM and Stuff You Should Check Out

October 27, 2013 — Leave a comment

Alright, hit a few PR's from this past week:

Dragon Flags: 10 (10RM)

I remember 1 rep was tough not too long ago.

Front Squat: 420 lb (1RM)

I front squatted 410 lb first, which got stuck about half way up for a split second, then went up fine. That was a +5 lb PR.

Decided to go for 420 lb because I missed it last week.

Nailed it.

High Bar Squat: 460 lb x 5 (5RM)

+20 lb PR.

Started seeing stars after the first rep, and with each consecutive rep I saw even more stars until the entire Alpha Quadrant (one-quarter of the Milky Way Galaxy) occupied my basement home gym.

COOL *_*

Stuff You Should Check Out

Donnie Yen VS Bruce Lee

Too cool not to share.

Animal Presents: Dan Green Seminar

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