[Weekly Review] October 27-November 2, 2014: 58 Days Left, 4 PR’s & Stuff You Should Read

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There's only 58 days left until the end of the year, and I plan on squatting 600 lb (15 lb away), deadlifting 600 lb (15 lb away), and if I'm lucky, overhead press 300 lb (just 5 more pounds!), front squat 475 lb (10 lb), and maybe even reverse grip bench press 440 lb (20 lb off) and regular grip bench 405 lb (15 lb).


I've already surpassed a couple of goals I set out for myself at the beginning of the year. A 600 lb deadlift seems like something I SHOULD be able to do by now, but since I don't deadlift on a regular basis (don't want to wake the baby. Plus lazy), I'm a little concerned I won't be able to pull this. A reverse grip bench press of 440 lb seems a little far fetched at this point. It's 20 lb away from my 1RM, and I don't know if I can do this in less than 2 months. We'll see.

Also, my strategy for getting back into the swing of things (i.e. hitting PR's in major lifts) after a couple of weeks of inconsistent training is to hit low hanging fruit PRs in variations of major lifts that I'm 99.9% sure I can hit. And then over the course of the next few weeks, build up the strength to tackle more difficult PR's and 1RM's once again.

Lastly, I've been pondering with the idea of throwing in clean and presses as part of my training, for a couple of reasons. I'll have some sort of OHP variation to do, be able to perform some sort of exercise where it starts off on the floor, be able to use a hook grip, and to get more yoked. May start it this week or next week.

Anyway's, last week's PRs:

4 Personal Records

High Bar Squat (Paused, No Belt): 405 lb x 6 (6RM)

One of the reasons why I like paused squats without a belt so much is that it really helps abdominalize my core.

If you look carefully, you can clearly see my six pack abs budging out of my plain green shirt.

Paused Reverse Grip Bench Press: 340 lb x 5 (5RM)

A somewhat challenging "I've never done this before" PR.

Front Squat (No Belt): 410 lb x 1 (1RM)

+5 lb 1 rep max. Followed by a 475 lb speed negative rep.

Paused Bench Press: 355 lb x 2 (2RM)

+5 lb 2 rep max.

Stuff You Should Read

  1. Why Adults Can't Squat Like Babies and Should Stop Trying To by Dean Somerset 

    • By the way, is it me or are Asians more built like babies than others??
  2. One Type of Periodization Part 1 and Part 2 by Greg Nuckols and Mike Israetel

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