[Weekly Review] December 1-7 , 2014: 7 PR’s & Stuff You Should Watch

December 8, 2014 — Leave a comment

Dammit, I got pain in my left hip from squatting yesterday!

I'll just walk this off.

I'll just walk this off.

I may have went too heavy, too soon, or too wide and too deep. Or something else. In any case, I'll likely be taking a break from wide stance, low bar squatting and go back to a more narrower stanced high bar and front squats for the next few weeks.

Anyways, hit 7 PR's last week:

7 Personal Records

Low Bar Squat: 530 lb x 3 (3RM)

Lower back a little achy from deadlifts last Saturday, but that's not going to stop me from getting a PR.

+10 lb PR from last week. Also matches my high bar squat 3RM.

Paused Reverse Grip Bench Press: 365 lb x 4 (4RM)

+15 lb PR! Missed the 4th rep last week, got it today.

Also did an EZPZ negative with 405 lb right after.

High Bar Squat: 555 lb x 2 (2RM) & Beltless HB Squat: 500 lb x 3 (3RM)

555 lb x 2 is a +5 lb PR

And originally wanted 2 reps at 500 lb, but then I saw my baby boy being carried down into the basement before I did my first rep.

At this point, I decided to [open six of The Eight Inner Gates/use the Kaio-ken/go SSJ level 1/insert power-up move of your choice] to show a little bit of my true power and put up a third rep to impress my son. I don't think he really cared though. Just drooled everywhere.

Paused Bench Press: 340 lb x 3 (3RM) & 275 lb x 9 (9RM)

+10 lb PR! Wanted only 8 reps at 275 lb, but around the 7th rep I decided to go for 10. Gassed out at 9 😐

Low Bar Squat (Paused, No Belt): 510 lb x 1 (1RM)

Wanted 565 lb x 2 first, but only got 1 rep. Might have missed the 2nd rep because I ate too much earlier today so most of my powers was diverted to my stomach.

Also, I adjusted my stance after the 1st rep (thought it was too wide and didn't get enough depth), which may have contributed to not even getting out of the hole on the 2nd rep. Felt some pain in my left hip after -_-;

Stuff You Should Read Watch

  1. On RPE: Jonnie Candito (legit strong Youtuber who competes in IPF meets) on Why I Don't Use The RPE Scale and Michael Tuchscherer reply "Why RPE Training is effective -- Reply to Jonnie Candito"
    • Personally I'm not an RPE type of guy (autoregulate your training based on rate of perceived exertion - explained here and here). Seems like a lot of manual work for something that's supposed to be AUTO-regulation! I prefer to go by my feels for what I'm going to do a particular day and to regulate my training to make continued gains. Seems interesting though, maybe something to use in the future.
  2. Greg Nuckols Interview Strength & Science - Road to Ripped Podcast
    • Made me rethink adding more volume to increase my work capacity for more gains, since I'm currently on a low volume, high intensity training regiment. But the thing about more volume, is it takes more time to perform! I'll likely keep doing what I'm doing since it's working (if it's not broke, don't fix it). Also, I'm afraid if I add more volume to my training, I'll get too big and my muscles will grow to the point of me becoming a muscle sphere.

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