[Weekly Review] December 22-28, 2014: 4 PRs & Stuff You Should Read

December 29, 2014 — Leave a comment

I’m going to keep this weekly review short, mainly because I’m working on a larger Yearly Review looking back at 2014.

Last week was Christmas, so I didn’t get the chance to train as often as I would have liked.

Still got 4 PRs!

4 Personal Records

Deadlift: 600 lb x 1 (1RM)


Overhead Press: 260 lb x 3 (3RM)

+5 lb PR! Attempted 300 lb twice, no dice. Then attempted 270 lb x 2 for a 2 rep max, but only got 1 rep. Tried again and still got 1 rep. Couldn’t keep balance for the 2nd rep for both attempts.

OHP PRs are getting tougher and tougher. Might throw in some dead-stop presses (paused at the bottom instead of a bounce, like a more proper “military press”, but without keeping my heels together), and maybe push presses in the future.

Front Squat (Paused, No Belt): 370 lb x 3 (3RM)

Missed a 480 lb 1RM front squat attempt before this, probably because I ran out of Senzu beans so my powers are not fully recovered from Monday’s 600 lb deadlift. Christmas dinner tomorrow should take care of that though.

Decided to go for an EZPZ PR. This is a +40 lb PR…from September 2013 lol.

Paused Bench Press: 330 lb x 4 (4RM)

Considering how well 415 lb paused RGBP moved the other day, I wanted to take a crack at a 425 lb touch and go RGBP 1RM.

I think my powers are still being used to digest food from Christmas dinner (and leftover Christmas dinner for breakfast). I felt sluggish all day which prevented me from mercilessly attacking my workout. Almost missed a warm up set too.

425 lb came down slowly and gently. It showed some life momentarily by coming up a few inches, but finally it was laid to rest on the safeties.

Figured I should play it safe today and go for a low-hanging fruit PR and do 330 lb x 4 4RM paused bench press. RPE = still pretty hard.

Stuff You Should Read

  1. Weigh-in Once A Week Or You’ll Gain Weight via Science Daily
    • With New Years around the corner once again, and people setting goals and making resolutions, this is a timely article that makes sense. It you constantly keep your eye on a key metric, it will probably affect your actions that would influence that metric. In this case, weight loss. For me, the numbers that I always have an eye on is my personal records in my PR Table. The goal is to keep on increasing the numbers within the table. I think this has helped me keep focus on the goal (add more weight to the bar), instead of being distracted or lead astray to do other things (example: other type of workouts that won’t influence these numbers, like jumping rope or neck training that I’ve been neglecting for most of the year).

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