Workout Log: May 25 [Recovery] + Push Press Fail

May 25, 2011 — Leave a comment

Power Clean

65 kg (143lbs): 3,3,3,3,3


135 kg (297lbs): 5,5


77.5 kg (170.5lbs): 5,5,5

Chin Up

BW: 88.4 kg (194.5 lbs): 12,8,7

45 degree Hyper Extension


Decline Sit up

(15 lbs): 8,8,8


Chipped tooth during push press attempt...dammit. And I think it's partially dislodged too!

Happened when I was warming up for the press. Never done push press before so I figured it would be safest to do them with a lighter weight just to try them out. Went down and pushed with my legs...some how the bar nicked my chin causing my lower front tooth to jam into my top front tooth.

It's barely noticeable, but still.

John Phung

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Ever since I started taking strength training seriously, I was bitten by the Iron Bug. Then it burrowed under my skin and laid eggs in my heart. Now those eggs are hatching and I... the feeling is indescribable.

Quick Stats
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