#Workout Log: Wed June 29 [Power Clean Technique]

June 29, 2011 — 2 Comments

Decided to try working on the "stomping" part of the power clean today (and aiming to hit a new 1RM).

I used to rack the bar with my knees locked out, and the bar near my shoulders. This means I had to pull the bar very high in order to rack with straight knees.

I never understood the "stomp" part of the power clean, until I realized that I should start racking while the bar is around my chest level. This means I had to bend my knees a little, pull myself under the bar and in the process, stomp the ground and rack at the same time.

It worked!

Managed to muster a single of 102.5 kg (225.5lbs) using the proper technique, up from 87.5 kg (192.5lbs) just last Friday. That's a 15 kg (33lbs) jump by making a little change in the power clean technique.

Power Clean

  • 82.5 kg (181.5lbs): 2
  • 87.5 kg (192.5lbs): 1
  • 92.5 kg (203.5lbs): 1
  • 97.5 kg (214.5lbs): 1
  • 102.5 kg (225.5lbs): x,x,1,x *1RM PR (3rd & 4th set: belt)

Neck Harness


  • 109: 12,10,10


  • 104: 12
  • 100: 12,10


  • 91: 10,10,10


  • 91: 10,10,10

Chin Ups

  • Body Weight - 88.4 kg (194.48lbs) : 15,11,7

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