Training Log: Monday December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012 — Leave a comment

Texas method volume day.

Foam Rolling

High Bar Squat

Supposed to be low bar squats today, but my shoulders have been hurting so I've decided to do high bar squats, with straps.

Also, while experimenting with squatting with straps yesterday, the left side of my lower/mid back cramped up. Not sure why, maybe not enough warm up. Or squatting in flip flops. Only had 320lbs on the bar, and I was just standing there when the pain shot up my back. Weird.

Still feeling it today, but going to squat anyways.

Lastly, I widened up my stance to get more stretch reflex out of my adductors at the bottom of the squat, and to minimize strain on my lower leg. A narrow stance can get me A2G a lot easier, but it seems to shift me onto my toes at the bottom, which I think was causing pain in my soleus lately.

  • 45lbs: 20
  • 140lbs: 10
  • 230lbs: 5
  • 320lbs: 3
  • 370lbs: 2
  • 415lbs: 3,2*,3,2
    • *Missed on 3rd rep
    • Didn't think I could get a 3rd rep on the last set.
  • 375llbs: 5,5,5

Reverse Grip Bench Press (Paused)

Strapped squats made my triceps a tiny bit sore, but my shoulders feels fine. No affect on today's bench session.

  • 45lbs: 10
  • 140lbs: 5
  • 230lbs: 3
  • 320lbs: 1
  • 267.5lbs: 5,5,5,5,5
    • +2.5lbs from last week

John Phung

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