Fake Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce, Front Squat, OHP PR’s, Switch Kicks and Stuff You Should Read

October 6, 2013 — Leave a comment

I came across this at a dollar store the other day:

Fake Sriracha

It's a FAAAKE!!1!

It's a FAAAKE!

Actually, it's just a different brand piggybacking on the popularity of Sriracha hot sauce. The real Sriracha hot sauce has a green cap and a rooster as the logo, and it should look like this:


This bottle should last a few more weeks. I need to stock up soon.

Anyway, onto the PRs:

PR's This Past Week

Only managed 2:

Paused Front Squat: 370 lb x 1 (No Belt 1RM)

+30 lb PR and matches my no belt front squat 1RM, and paused FS 1RM!

Wasn't sure if I could get this because my previous warm up set (330 lb) felt hard, but decided to go for it anyway, because...why not?

Overhead Press: 200 lb x 8 (8RM)

Previous best with 200 lb was 7. Cleaned (more like 'dirtied') off the floor, and had a hook grip throughout the set.

OHP 200 lb x 10...you will be mine. Followed by bodyweight OHP x 10. All in good time.

Other Training

Switch Kicks and Right & Left Roundhouse Kicks

My goal is to destroy this heavy bag with my bare shins.

My next goal would be to find a near indestructible Kevlar punching bag for cheap.

Stuff You Should Read

  1. Look To Those Who Struggle To Find Strength by Paul Carter
  2. Does Research Support The Use Of Foam Rolling? By Chris Beardsley
  3. Paleo Has Jumped The Shark by James Fell
  4. Picking The Squat That's Right For You By Greg Nuckols

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