Texas Method Workout Log: Mon Oct 3 [Recovery] + Push Press

October 3, 2011 — Leave a comment

Front Squats

  • 220lbs: 3,3,3,3,3

Push Press

  • 225lbs: 1,1,x
    • Lost balance attempting the 2nd rep on the 1st set
    • Failed on the 2nd rep, 2nd set
    • 3rd set, 1st rep went up about 3/4 before I lost balance
  • 205lbs: 3

Pull Ups (palms facing together)

  • Body weight (189.5lbs): 12,8,6


I'm going to do push press instead of regular military/overhead presses during my recovery day.

The reason why is Glenn Pendlay says:

The push press has more carryover to pressing in general – bench press etc. – than any other upper body exercise.

He also points out:

With a push press, you can put 10 to 20% more weight over your head. You're forced to develop the ability to recruit those muscle fibers very quickly because you're pushing the bar off your shoulders with your legs and then your arms have to come into play, fast, so it doesn't stall. The ability to do that is very, very valuable.

Second, with the push press there's just a huge overload at the top. That last six inches at the top is like doing a partial. That has a powerful effect on the body.

Works for me! Good thing I didn't end up push pressing the bar directly under my chin this time.

John Phung

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