Training Log: Thursday January 22, 2015

January 22, 2015 — Leave a comment

Overhead Press

  • 45 x 10
  • 100 x 5
  • 140 x 3
  • 190 x 2
  • 230 x 1
  • 250 x 1
  • 305 x 0
  • 265 x 2,2
    • Wanted 3, but balance was off for the 3rd rep on both sets. Still getting accustomed to pressing from the chains. Before when I pressed from the safety pins, I would roll the bar back slightly as I dipped down to prepare to press. Can't do that with the chains.
  • 250 x 4 * PR!
    • +5 lb 4RM
    • Last rep felt ugly.

Also I tried out some partial pressing afterwards.

Set the bar to about eyebrow height, and loaded the bar to 280 lb. I figured it's a partial, so I should be able to use more weight.

Didn't budge.

Maybe I'm just tired. Lowered it to 230 lb (a weight that I use for a warm up).

Still didn't budge!

Maybe it's the height of the bar (right around the sticking point), or I'm not directly under the bar, or something else.

Lowered it to 140 lb and partial-pressed out a few reps. This seems way harder than a full ROM press.

Need to experiment further.


John Phung

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