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500lbs Deadlift

A somewhat crappy workout. Maybe those Muay Thai sessions are affecting my recovery. But nonetheless, still hit a few PR's!

  • I planned for 5 sets of 3 for power cleans, but could only crank out 2 reps for 3 sets. Then 1 rep for 2 sets. I'm thinking I need to work on my technique still...can't seem to stomp and rack at the same time.
  • It was member appreciation day at my gym and they were serving snacks. I ate 4 chocolate balls during my squat warm up.  Felt a bit of a stomach ache after and this affected my squat numbers. Tried 195 kg (429lbs) but it just went down and never got back up.
  • My goal was to hit a 500lbs deadlift before I head back to Canada (currently living in Bangkok, Thailand). My previous PR (last week) was 217.5 kg (478.5lbs) and I only had 2 deadlift workouts left. I figured the best way to add more weight to the deadlift really fast is to do it in socks. And it worked!
  • Bodyweight after workout: 87.5 kg (192.5lbs). I think I'm losing weight since I'm not eating a bag of chips everyday.

Power Clean

  • 87.5 kg (192.5lbs): 2,2,2,1,1 *2RM PR
  • 72.5 kg (159.3lbs): 3


  • 182.5 kg (401.5lbs): 1
  • 195 kg (429lbs): X

Bench Press

  • 145 kg (319lbs): 1,x *1RM PR
  • 122.5 kg (269.5lbs): 3


  • 222.5 kg (489.5): 1*1RM PR
  • 227.5 kg (500.5lbs): 1,1,x*1RM PR



Power Clean

  • 85 kg (187lbs): 3,3,3,3,3
  • PR


  • 192.5 kg (423.5lbs): 1,1,1
  • PR


  • 102.5 kg (225.5lbs): X,X
  • 100 kg (220lbs): X
  • 97.5 kg (214.5lbs): X
  • 92.5 kg (203.5lbs): 2,2


  • 217.5 kg (478.5lbs): 1,1
  • PR


  • Form on the power cleans felt sloppy, but it got up anyway.
  • Got a little too greedy going for a new PR press. So greedy I tired myself out and missed a person record! Had to settle for 92.5 kg (203.5lbs) for 2 sets of 2 reps.
  • Didn't feel 100% today...Lacking the aggressive energy that I usually have on PR Fridays :/