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So after chatting with j0n on Facebook (who I know from Fitocracy) a few days ago about Crossfit, home gym, cardio equipment, heavy bags and boxing gloves, I decided to look on the online classified ads website Kijiji to see if there were any deals on a heavy bag.

I stumbled across someone selling a “Fight Monkey” 100lbs heavy bag along with a pair of Cleto Reyes 16oz gloves.

I contacted the seller, and made a deal to buy both the bag and the gloves for $120 CDN…delivered!


I never heard of the brand Fight Monkey before, but they market their heavy bags as “commercial” heavy bag. The retail price for the heavy bag is $249.99.

I’ve never owned a pair of Cleto Reyes gloves before, but have read only good things about them. The Cleto Reyes 16oz velcro training gloves go for about $150.

This totals $400 new, not including tax and delivery charges.

So $120 for the Fight Monkey 100lbs heavy bag and the gloves tax free and delivered to me is a pretty solid deal!

Now all I need to do now is figure out where and how to hang up this heavy bag…