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  • 405lbs: 1
    • wide
  • 425lbs: 1
  • 405lbs: 1
    • wide

Overhead Press

  • 220lbs: 1,1
  • 205lbs: 3

Good Mornings

  • 175lbs: 5,5,5


Squatting strength has declined. Maybe it's because of missing a few volume days, or trying out a wider stance, or both.

I'm finding with the wider stance, it's getting temporarily stuck halfway as I ascend upwards. Also I'm feeling pretty exhausted after the set (of 1 rep!).

Now that I think of it, it's probably a combination of both missing volume days (I find that 5x5 really builds up my stamina) and attempting a wider stance.

Time to get back on the 5x5 protocol.