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Found out I was going to go eat at a Chinese buffet with my family in a couple of hours.

Wanted to make sure I earned the calories, so today I will do some light squats.

Also, ate some scrambled eggs with vegetables throughout my workout.

Lastly, didn't wear a belt today.

Low Bar Back Squat (Wide Stance)

  • 45lbs: 20
  • 137.5lbs: 10
  • 187.5lbs: 5
  • 227.5lbs: 5
  • 277.5lbs: 3
  • 317.5lbs: 2
  • 367.5lbs: 1,2

Low Bar Back Squat (Medium Width Stance)

  • 367.5lbs: 1
    • Feels a lot more painful on my lower back than squatting with a wide stance. Probably because I don't have to lean over as much when I widen up my stance for the squat.

Low Bar Back Squat (Wide Stance)

  • 317.5lbs: 3



Low Bar Back Squat (Wide Stance)