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Happy Chinese New Year!

Last week I only managed 4 reps with 315 lb on the bench press. This week I got 5!

Missed out on the 6th rep though. Felt like I almost had it, but it ended up drifting backwards a bit and hit the J-hooks.

Not a big deal. For next Friday, I might try a regular grip bench press and maybe a 2RM at 340 lb.

Also, lowered the volume on my volume days (Monday). My body has been aching more than normal lately (mainly lower back) and I don't think I need tons of volume in 1 day to progress.

I did end up squatting 5x this week however. They were high bar squats. I feel I can squat more often and more frequently with the high bar squat, whereas low bar squats seems to beat me up if I do them too much.

I do recall I squatted frequently (4-5x/week) back when I hit 500+ lb. Might have to squat more often in order to get back to that level again.

For OHP, I have a feeling it's going to be a while before I hit 260 lb. In the mean time, I'm going to increase the volume a bit for overhead presses and do sets across. I also experimented with behind the neck presses (standing) and they felt not too bad.

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