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YESYES! Finally joined a gym! Pretty awesome since it's not very busy, has 3 power racks that aren't used often (from what I've seen), mature members, even has a heavy bag that's really hard at the bottom (good for shin conditioning) and the staff members are nice (I got a free gym bag). Now I don't need to worry about where to train, and can focus on getting stronger.

My only complaint is that there's maybe not enough 45lbs plates. Feels like I'm hogging the 45's while I'm doing deadlifts lol.

Anyway, here's some good articles I've come across this week:

  1. Boris from Squat Rx explains how to engage the lats and triceps into your press
  2. Nia Shanks correctly observes what it means to "Lift like a man" (and how she lifts like a girl instead):

    "Most guys in here bench press every day and then spend an entire hour working on their biceps. And the closest thing to a 'leg exercise' they perform is walking to the water fountain. So you see; I don’t train like a man."

  3. John Leyva from The Psychology of Fitness lists the best supplements that anyone should take
  4. Nick Horton from The Iron Samurai gives an analysis about the back squat, and whether or not they are necessary for your training. He also gives me good reasons why I should add front squats during recovery days while on on the Texas Method (thanks Nick!)
  5. Nick also offers some tips on Olympic lifting. I don't do any real Olympic lifts, but I'm sure these tips will come in handy during power cleans.

Keep lifting, keep progressing & have a great weekend!