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So I've been using the double overhand hook grip for deadlifts for a few weeks now. Mixed grip deadlifts feels weird and hurts my shoulders and wrist, so I only pull with a double overhand hook grip.

The grip itself is fantastic and secure, and the limiting factors that I've experienced so far are my pain tolerance, and a paranoia of ripping off my thumbnails.

My pain tolerance grows higher every time I deadlift, and I don't worry too much about tearing my thumbnails off during the lift.

The tips of my thumbs are callused now, and skin tends to peel off every few days.

But I am starting to see a series of diagonal lines on my thumbnails, as shown below:

Thumbnail Damage Hook Grip Deadlifts

I've seen pictures of people cracking their thumbnail because of the hook grip, but I haven't seen this before.

It also feels a little tender underneath my thumbnail. I can really feel it when I'm playing video games, especially when using the left and right analogue sticks on the control pad.

Cause for concern? Nah. At least not yet.