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This was the final week of 2012 and I managed to squeeze out a few PR's after fueling up on a big Christmas dinner:

355 lb Bench Press

255 lb Overhead Press

230 lb x 3 Overhead Press

Not bad!

I wanted to get a 550 lb deadlift as well, but only managed to get it to my knees.

On a side note, I discovered the proper abbreviation for "pounds" is "lb" and not "lbs" as I have written for a long time 😐

This applies to single and plural usage of "pounds" (when it comes to mass, that is).

Anyways, came across some good articles this week. Check it out!

  1. What Is Strength And Why Do You Need It by Charles Stanley
  2. "Happy Holidays, Now Buy My Fitness/Nutrition Book" by Brian Hill
  3. Squatting Big by Blaine Summer (who is an IPF Powerlifting World Champion and World Record Holder)



Normally with a calculator you can just multiply the amount in kg by 2.2 to get lbs. Here's an easy way I just discovered on how to convert kg to lbs.

Multiple the number in kg by 2.

eg. 85 * 2 = 170

Divide that number by 10

eg. 170 / 10 = 17

Add the first and second number together:

eg. 170 + 17 = 187

That's it! (and that's also my current body weight: 187 pounds)