Archives For Tendonitis Relief

Some of my posts you might have missed:

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  2. How To Clean Bare Steel Olympic Bars
  3. 222.5lbs Standing Overhead Press PR Video (beat my previous record by 2.5lbs and did it for 2 reps!)

And a few helpful articles I’ve come across this past week:

  1. Muscle Confusion? Legit or Nonsense Term? By Sarah from
  2. Hand Care for Meatheads by Ben Bruno
  3. Minimal Equipment, Maximal Results—Barbell Training by Joe Giandonato
  4. Seven Good Reasons to Like High Pulls by Charles Poliquin
  5. Got Tendonitits? By Glenn Pendlay
  6. Gorgeous Girls Eat Meat by Esther Blum
  7. Deadlifting Tips by Paul Carter
  8. Fix Your Squat! by John Leyva