PR’s: Front Squat: 390 x 2, OHP: 240 x 3, LB Squat: 480 x 5, Bench: 340 x 4 And Stuff You Should Read

November 3, 2013 — Leave a comment

Scored 4 PR's in the past 7 days:

Personal Records This Past Week

Front Squat: 390 lb x 2 (2RM)

Tried 400 lb x 2 first, but missed on the 2nd rep.

Still, 390 lb x 2 is a +20 lb PR.

OHP: 240 lb x 3 (3RM)

Last rep was a bit tough (fell slightly out of the groove), but I managed to press it up.

Low Bar Squat: 480 lb x 5 (5RM)

+20 lb low bar 5 rep max!

Felt a lot harder than it looked in the video. I think my stance was a little more narrow than normal.

Reverse Grip Bench Press: 340 lb x 4 (4RM)

DAMMIT missed on the 5th rep, and saved by the safety pins of my power rack yet again.

Ah well, still a +5 lb PR.

Also my grip width is a little wider, with my ring fingers on the bar markings instead of my index fingers. I've tried pinky on the bar markings, but that seems too wide. I think I'll try middle finger on the bar markings next.

Stuff You Should Read

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  2. Starting Strength Series: Programming For Older Adults by Andy Baker 

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