[Weekly Review] January 19-25, 2015: 6 Personal Records and Stuff You Should Check Out

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I generally believe that the key to a big overhead press lies in the information written in the past during a time when 300+ lb presses were commonplace.

That's why I've added this to my library:



6 Personal Records

High Bar Squat (No Belt): 440 x 6 (6RM)

Wanted 6+ reps with 500 lb, but the bar rolled forward and I was too tired and weak to recover.

Got a beltless high bar squat 6RM instead. Probably could have did more if I didn't start off with 500x5.

Paused Bench Press: 390 lb x 1 (1RM)

+5 lb PR, and matches my touch-and-go 1RM.

I think 405 lb is just around the corner (or maybe a few corners).

Sumo Deadlift: 565 lb x 1 (1RM)

555 lb didn't feel too bad, so I went up to 565 lb.

Bar felt like it was drifting forward when I first started pulling. Immediately put the bar down and readjusted my mind in thinking to pull and lean backwards. Worked!

Overhead Press: 250 lb x 4 (4RM)

Wanted 3 reps at 265 lb, but balance & groove was off for the 3rd rep on both sets. Felt like I was falling backwards. Still getting accustomed to pressing from the chains. Before when I pressed from the safety pins, I would roll the bar back slightly as I dipped down to prepare to press. Probably just have to adjust my stance.

Paused Front Squat: 430 lb x 2 (2RM)

+5 lb PR! Lately paused front squats (and other paused exercises) have been feeling more comfortable and powerful compared to non-paused front squats (and other non-paused exercises).

Wanted to FS 410 lb x 4 or more initially, but only managed 3 reps. Can't seem to function too long with a bar pressed against my neck. Or maybe it was the trance music.

Paused Bench Press: 300 lb x 8 (8RM)

Matches my touch and go 8RM, and exceeds my best paused reverse grip bench press at 300 lb (7 reps).

Stuff You Should Check Out

  1. The Belt Bible by Greg Nuckols
    • TL;DR: Belt = more gains. Also interesting note on the differences in bracing pattern when wearing a belt and not wearing a belt.

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