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Foam Rolling

  • 10 minutes

Low Bar Squat

  • 45lbs: 20
  • 140lbs:10
  • 230lbs: 5
  • 320lbs: 3
  • 410lbs: 1
  • 460lbs: 1
  • 510lbs: 1 *PR
    • +5lbs from last week
    • Sharp pain in the left shoulder shooting down my arm despite a 400mg of my favorite pre-work supplement ibuprofen. Still got the PR though!

High Bar Squat

Was going to do a back off set with low bar, but my left shoulder hurts too much.

  • 410lbs: 3
  • 320lbs: 5
    • Used the Fat Gripz Extreme that I won in a Facebook contest as a manpon aka barbell pad to see what it feels like. Positions the bar even higher on my traps.