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Texas method intensity day.

Foam Rolling

Low Bar Squat

  • 45lbs: 20
  • 140lbs:10
  • 230lbs: 5
  • 320lbs: 3
  • 410lbs: 2
  • 460lbs: 1
  • 435lbs: 3
  • 395lbs: 5

Reverse Grip Bench Press (Paused)

Pain radiating from my shoulders down both my arms (mostly left) after squats.

Affected my bench press. Going to cut it short for today.

  • 45lbs: 10
  • 140lbs: 5
  • 230lbs: 3
  • 300lbs: 1
  • 350lbs: MISSED


Hook grip.

  • 140lbs: 5
  • 230lbs: 5
  • 320lbs: 3
  • 410lbs: 1
  • 460lbs: 1
  • 505lbs: 1
  • 520lbs: 1?,1
    • Thought I didn't lock it out. From the video it looks like I did.
  • 530lbs: X,X,X
    • Missed first time, then took off shoes and tried in socks. Felt slippery standing on plates, so I put on my deadlift slippers. Got it up, but couldn't lock it out.
  • 470lbs: 3
    • Straps.

Foam Rolling

  • 10 minutes

Low Bar Squat

  • 45lbs: 20
  • 140lbs:10
  • 230lbs: 5
  • 320lbs: 3
  • 410lbs: 1
  • 460lbs: 1
  • 510lbs: 1 *PR
    • +5lbs from last week
    • Sharp pain in the left shoulder shooting down my arm despite a 400mg of my favorite pre-work supplement ibuprofen. Still got the PR though!

High Bar Squat

Was going to do a back off set with low bar, but my left shoulder hurts too much.

  • 410lbs: 3
  • 320lbs: 5
    • Used the Fat Gripz Extreme that I won in a Facebook contest as a manpon aka barbell pad to see what it feels like. Positions the bar even higher on my traps.
Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain...Again!

So this shoulder pain of mine has affected my bench press. I was able to do 2 reps with 295lbs a couple of weeks ago, but this week I couldn't even get a single rep. Not good.

My solution to deal this this shoulder problem:

  1. Thorough shoulder warm up before training
  2. Ibuprofen before training
  3. Face pulls twice a week for my rotator cuff
  4. I'm also tinkering with the idea of substituting dips and/or incline dumbbell bench press instead of barbell bench press during recovery days.

We'll see how it goes...

Anyways, check this out:

  1. Rob King and I agree on this: Stand up when you exercise!
  2. John Alvino shares a simple trick to increase your strength in a few short weeks
  3. Diesel Strength shows you how to deadlift
  4. Dave Kirschen from Elite FTS explains how to unrack for a huge squat
  5. Charles Poliquin updates his tips on increasing your front squat poundage
Shoulder Pain

Pain in the Ass..err...Shoulder

What started out as a crappy week actually ended up pretty good.

For some reason I was feeling gassed and light headed after 5x5 squats that I ended up skipping out on the overhead press on Sunday (volume day).

On Tuesday (recovery day) I didn't warm up my shoulders properly before power cleans. Ended up with pain shooting from both of my shoulders right down my arms, and I decided it probably wans't a good idea to do bench press that day.

However Thursday (intensity day) was different. For squats, what felt unusually heavy last week felt quite easy this week.

Also for overhead press, I'm inching closer to 3 reps with 205lbs at a bodyweight of around 190lbs. I'm aiming to hit a 225lbs 1RM by the end of the year.

Anyways, a few things I've come across this week that are good to read:

  1. Eric Cassey tells us "The Truth About Shoulder Impingement"
  2. Kelsey@LivetheFitLife explains a few random facts about strength training that people should know
  3. Jason Ferruggia showswhat equipment you need for a new gym (great ideas for a home gym too!)
  4. Rob King reveals that the pre-workout supplement 1.M.R is now banned in Canada (dammit, never got a chance to try it out!)
  5. Steve Reed explains how a towel can help you set new personal records via

Keep lifting, keep progressing & have a great weekend!



Power Clean

  • 195lbs: 3,1,1,2,1

Front Squat

  • 185lbs: 5,5,5

Bench Press

  • N/A


  • Felt sharp shoulder pain in both shoulders while performing power cleans. Felt the pain shooting down both of my arm. Tried to do some dips, but that only aggravated the issue. Decided not to bench press
  • Should spend more time warming up my shoulders & rotator cuff
  • Power cleaned the bar for front squats