#Workout Log: Thurs Aug 18 [Intensity]

August 18, 2011 — Leave a comment


Over Head Press

  • 205lbs: 2,2
    • Lost balance on the first set, 2nd rep. Had to take a step back to regain my balance. Felt a sharp pain on the left side of my neck after.
    • Tried for a 3rd rep on the last set. Only made it up a few inches.


  • 435lbs: 3,3
    • Easy

John Phung

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Ever since I started taking strength training seriously, I was bitten by the Iron Bug. Then it burrowed under my skin and laid eggs in my heart. Now those eggs are hatching and I... the feeling is indescribable.

Quick Stats
Height: 5'4" on non-squat days
Weight: 200 lb 210 lb ~220 lb (FOREVER BULK BRAH)


  • Texas Method: March 4, 2011 - April 28, 2013
  • Smolov Jr for Bench Press: June 4 - 22, 2012
  • Starting Strength: Nov 29, 2010 - March 4, 2011