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Dammit, I hurt my lower back earlier this week (or maybe last week?), so I'm forced to go low volume and low intensity on squats all week. Essentially I have no choice but to take a de-load week for squats and deadlifts.  I've also switched to high bar squats from low bar squats because I don't feel as much pain during the movement.

But this hasn't stopped me from hitting a bench press PR yesterday! Video here.

Anyways, here's a few articles you should read and an interview you should listen to:

  1. Where Have All The PR's Gone? by Aimee Anaya Everett
  2. Deadlifts: Which Type Is Best for You? By Mike Robertson
  3. Just f'n train, just get f'n strong. Idiotic by Paul Carter
  4. Always Hungery by John Welbourn
  5. Reduce Home Gym Noise by Gregor
  6. Big Without Strong Is Nothing by Tony Gentilcore
  7. Alex Navarro, Mark Bell and Jesse Burdick Interview at

Whey Protein Powder


I have been training seriously for about 9-10 months now, however I haven't taken any "bodybuilding" supplements for almost 9-10 years. I've made some pretty good progress, but lately I've been thinking about adding some whey protein to my diet.

So after weeks (maybe months?) of thinking & debating with myself, I finally ordered some whey protein.

I find that sometimes:

  • my meals don't contain enough meat
  • takes too long to prepare and cook meat
  • the quality of the meat is pure crap (i.e. hot dogs)
  • I'm just to lazy to cook up a high protein meal

So to remedy this, I picked up three 5lbs tubs of whey protein isolate from (best deal I could find in Canada).

Personally I don't think you should be taking bodybuilding supplements unless you're already training, making progress, and have a fairly decent diet. But since I got these covered, increasing my protein intake & keeping it more consistent via supplementation seems like a good investment.

25% off & free shipping probably influenced my decision too LOL.

Anyways, here are some good reads I've come across this past week:

  1. tells you why you should "TRAIN" and not "workout"
  2. Stevo from SAPT shares his opinion and raises some good points about Crossfit.
    • My take on it: Some people love it, others hate it. Personally, although I don't do Crossfit myself, but I think it's probably better than most things out there available to the general public. I'm talking infomercial programs, fitness/muscle magazine's cookie cutter workouts, martial arts McDojo's, etc etc.
  3. Jim Wendler explains how to use "5/3/1" for beginners. He also shows you how you can increase your squat & deadlifts by adding power cleans at the beginning of your training session, and how awesome it is to develop a huge yoke.