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Whey Protein Powder


I have been training seriously for about 9-10 months now, however I haven't taken any "bodybuilding" supplements for almost 9-10 years. I've made some pretty good progress, but lately I've been thinking about adding some whey protein to my diet.

So after weeks (maybe months?) of thinking & debating with myself, I finally ordered some whey protein.

I find that sometimes:

  • my meals don't contain enough meat
  • takes too long to prepare and cook meat
  • the quality of the meat is pure crap (i.e. hot dogs)
  • I'm just to lazy to cook up a high protein meal

So to remedy this, I picked up three 5lbs tubs of whey protein isolate from (best deal I could find in Canada).

Personally I don't think you should be taking bodybuilding supplements unless you're already training, making progress, and have a fairly decent diet. But since I got these covered, increasing my protein intake & keeping it more consistent via supplementation seems like a good investment.

25% off & free shipping probably influenced my decision too LOL.

Anyways, here are some good reads I've come across this past week:

  1. tells you why you should "TRAIN" and not "workout"
  2. Stevo from SAPT shares his opinion and raises some good points about Crossfit.
    • My take on it: Some people love it, others hate it. Personally, although I don't do Crossfit myself, but I think it's probably better than most things out there available to the general public. I'm talking infomercial programs, fitness/muscle magazine's cookie cutter workouts, martial arts McDojo's, etc etc.
  3. Jim Wendler explains how to use "5/3/1" for beginners. He also shows you how you can increase your squat & deadlifts by adding power cleans at the beginning of your training session, and how awesome it is to develop a huge yoke.



Power Cleans

  • 195lbs: 1
  • 200lbs: 1
  • 205lbs: x
  • 185lbs: 3,3

Front Squats

  • 195lbs: 5,5
    • Power cleaned the bar


  • Bodyweight (189.5lbs): 10,10,10


  • Took 1 Advil prior to training (200mg ibuprofen)
  • Power cleans seem to aggravate my shoulders...

Power Cleans

  • 195lbs: 3,3,3,3,1
  • Did 2 high pulls on the last set. Couldn't rack the bar -_-;

Front Squats

  • 190lbs: 5,5,5

Overhead Press

  • 172.5lbs: 5,5,5
  • Struggled with the last rep


  • Cleaned the bar for the front squat & over head press
  • Adjusting my Texas Method schedule so that:
    • Volume Day = Saturday
    • Recovery Day = Monday
    • Intensity Day = Wednesday

A pissed-off Mark Rippetoe explains how to power clean properly without the use of bumper plates:

Power cleans

60 kg: 3,3,3,3,3


132.5 kg: 5,5


77.5 kg: 5,5,5 (+2sec hold)

Pull ups

Bodyweight 88.3 kg: 8,7,5

45 degree hyperextension


Decline situps

15lbs: 8,8,8

(Note: hypers & situps done in superset)


Saw some dude picking his nose in between sets on a rear delt machine. Nasty...