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Got a 240lbs OHP this week, a weight that I've been wanting to press overhead for a while. Missed on 245lbs though, but I'm going to attempt it in a few days.

Also, this past week marks the 2nd year that I've been taking this whole "lifting weights" thing seriously! Here's some stuff I learned from 2 years of strength training. It might resonate with some of you.

And came across some good articles and a podcast this week:

  1. Comparing The Biomechanics Of Conventional And Sumo Deadlifts by Chris Beardsley
  2. More On Bands, Chains, And Weak Point Training by Paul Carter
  3. The Purpose of a Program by Justin Lascek
  4. Olympic vs. Power Lifting (Podcast) by Bret Contreras

Dammit, I hurt my lower back earlier this week (or maybe last week?), so I'm forced to go low volume and low intensity on squats all week. Essentially I have no choice but to take a de-load week for squats and deadlifts.  I've also switched to high bar squats from low bar squats because I don't feel as much pain during the movement.

But this hasn't stopped me from hitting a bench press PR yesterday! Video here.

Anyways, here's a few articles you should read and an interview you should listen to:

  1. Where Have All The PR's Gone? by Aimee Anaya Everett
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  4. Always Hungery by John Welbourn
  5. Reduce Home Gym Noise by Gregor
  6. Big Without Strong Is Nothing by Tony Gentilcore
  7. Alex Navarro, Mark Bell and Jesse Burdick Interview at

I hit yet another squat PR at 472.5lbs...that's +5 pounds from last week! Last Friday's workout made me feel like this.

This is my 5th squat PR in 6 weeks. Nuts.

So how am I breaking so many personal records week after week?

Part of it is because of my new Nike Romaleos 2 weightlifting shoes. Read my review on these  here.

I'm sure what I eat plays a role as well.

And I bet the creatine in my recent order from will only help me get stronger.

Anyways, here's a bunch of awesome articles I’ve come across this past week:

  1. Accessories To Murder 2 - The Greats Get Dead(lifts)  by Jamie Lewis (note: site is NSFW, but it is AWESOME)
  2. 21 Day Squat Challenge by Nick Horton
  3. 4 Tips for Learning New Exercises by Ben Bruno
  4. The Science of Coaching Cues by Sam Leahey
  5. 7 Ways to Crush Your Workout – Part 1 by Jim Smith
  6. 10 Things We've Learned About Squats by Charles Poliquin
  7. Thoughts On The Box Squat For Raw Lifters by Greg Robins
  8. You Cannot Crunch Your Way To Abs by Tom Kelso
Stuff you should read:
  1. More reasons why not to do cardio
  2. Favorite glute exerciss from the fittest females
  3. This guy hates deadlifts (but still can pull over 700lbs!)
  4. Strength training vs. pretty boy bodybuilding
  5. Everything you wanted to know about bumper plates


  • 405lbs: 3,3
    • I noticed the bar had a noticeable bend after my first set. After the second set, I checked the other bars in the gym that I regularly use, and they were all slightly bent. I don't recall seeing this when I first started training at this gym...


  • 215lbs: 2,2,X
  • 205lbs: 1
    • My presses were lopsided for some reason. Left arm was higher than my right arm, and my body was leaning in one direction. This made my back feel strange. I didn't hurt, just felt weird.


  • Skipped - I didn't want to aggravate this strange feeling I was having in my back from doing overhead presses.