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Got a 240lbs OHP this week, a weight that I've been wanting to press overhead for a while. Missed on 245lbs though, but I'm going to attempt it in a few days.

Also, this past week marks the 2nd year that I've been taking this whole "lifting weights" thing seriously! Here's some stuff I learned from 2 years of strength training. It might resonate with some of you.

And came across some good articles and a podcast this week:

  1. Comparing The Biomechanics Of Conventional And Sumo Deadlifts by Chris Beardsley
  2. More On Bands, Chains, And Weak Point Training by Paul Carter
  3. The Purpose of a Program by Justin Lascek
  4. Olympic vs. Power Lifting (Podcast) by Bret Contreras

Well, I finally hit that 495lbs high bar squat! I think I missed that weight 2 or 3 weeks in a row. I think a 500lbs high bar squat is just around the corner.

And also nailed a 510lbs low bar squat the next day. Short-medium term goal: 550lbs. Long term goal: 600lbs. Still a long way to go...

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And here are 3 solid articles I came across this week that I think you should check out:

  1. What Differentiates The Chinese? by Kirksman
  2. 3 Press Fixes by Justin Lascek
  3. Reps: Strength Training Pixie Dust by Paul Carter

Hit a few PR's this week, including a 500lbs squat!

I thought that I would hit a 500lbs squat in at least 2 weeks after nailing a 490lbs high bar squat (but missing on a 495lbs high bar squat) on Friday.

I have read that a high bar squat carry over to a low bar squat, so I tried 500lbs with a low bar position and I guess what I have read is true. Nice.

Also got a 220lbs power clean and overhead press PR this past week as well.

Not too bad of a week!

Anyways, here's a review of a foam roller that I've been using:

  1. Rumble Roller Review

And here are some articles you should definitely check out:

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  2. A Case For Wide Squats by Brad Longazel
  3. Little Evidence Of Health Benefits For Organic Foods from ScienceDaily
  4. Packing The Shoulder by Derrick Blanton
  5. Lance Armstrong, PEDS and Naivety and by Justin Lascek

My high bar squat is now equal to my low bar squat PR at 485lbs! (video)

I tried squatting 490lbs twice, and missed both times. Hopefully I'll hit that this upcoming Friday.

Anyways, read these:

  1. 8 Reasons People Do Dumb Things by Charles Stanley
  2. How I Used To Log by Kirksman
  3. The Superiority Of Eggs by Brandon Morrison
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  6. 18 Months Of Carb-Back Loading with Julia Ladewski
  7. Carbs At Night by Layne Norton

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And a few solid articles I've come across this past week:

  1. Get Your Press Up! By Mark Rippetoe
  2. What If I Don’t Want to, or Can’t, Lift Heavy? By Nia Shanks
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  6. Is A Calorie Truly Just A Calorie? By Layne Norton