Squat: 515 lb, Front Squat: 350 lb, Personal Records and Stuff You Should Read

April 21, 2013 — Leave a comment

After getting a high bar squat PR of 500 lb last week, I figured I could probably get a front squat and low bar squat PR this week...and I did!

Front Squat: 350 lb

Front squatted 350 lb on Wednesday. Felt pretty easy, so I'm thinking about jumping to 370 lb next time.

My current goal is 400+ lb on the front squat.

Also, I've adjusted my grip so that my fists are placed underneath my chin while holding onto straps. Feels a little bit more natural this way than having my fists in line with my shoulders while holding onto straps.

My collar bones and anterior delts are still sore and tender the next day, but during the workout, it doesn't feel so bad. I am adapting. Resistance is futile.

Low Bar Squat: 515 lb

On Friday, I hit a 515 lb low bar squat. First low bar squat PR since September 29, 2012. That's about 7 months...which is TOO DAMN LONG for a 1RM PR in my opinion.

My previous best was 510 lb.

I'm pretty happy with how the squat turned out. Depth was good, and form was good too. I'm glad it didn't turn into a squat-morning or anything like that.

I'm going to save my squat 1 rep max attempts for June at a powerlifting meet, and hit some rep PR's along the way.

Speaking of PRs...

Personal Records

I've made a table that shows my personal records in the main lifts that I do and in the rep ranges that I train in:

Looking at the table, there's a lot of empty boxes. I think I'll fill out the 8 and 10 rep maxes after that powerlifting competition, and work on the 2,3 and 5 rep maxes for now (probably starting with 5RM first).

One good thing that I discovered from having an organized table of PRs is that when I look at them, I'm thinking in my head, "What PR should I break next...??". Makes me look forward to training and possibly breaking a PR.

It would be nice if Fitocracy implemented an at-a-glace PR table like this!

I've also included this table under "Credentials" in the "About John Phung" author bio box that's at the bottom of every post. I think the result of one's training are just as important as other common "credentials" in the fitness industry (and among e-fitness gurus on the interwebz).

Anyway, check this out:

Stuff You Should Read

  1. Rippetoe Throws Down by Mark Rippetoe
  2. Implementing Paused Squats by Greg Nuckols
  3. Hook Grip 101 by Eric Maroscher
  4. Barbell Training & Physical Therapy by John Petrizzo
  5. Screw Exercise Variation! By Todd Bumgardner
  6. "Heavy Shit" – Powerlifter Dave Tate Keeps Lifters Honest (and Humble) by Beth French

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